Car Body and Optics Protection with PPF

We provide services for applying protective polyurethane film on vehicles in Tbilisi, to protect them against damages, and scratches, and preserve the car's exterior appearance.
Benefits of PPF for vehicles
  • Damage protection
    Polyurethane film absorbs crash impacts and scratches, safeguarding the car's paintwork from damages. It creates a barrier between external elements and the vehicle's body, protecting it from ultraviolet rays, salts, and chemicals.
  • Enhanced car exterior appearance
    PPF polyurethane film can also give the car an aesthetic advantage, providing a glossy finish and protecting the car body from minor abrasions and spots.
  • Longevity
    PPF film has a long service life and can extend the lifespan of the car's body, protecting it from damages for up to 10 years.
  • Self-healing properties
    Polyurethane protective films possesses the ability to "self-heal". This means they can "recover" from minor scratches and signs of use when exposed to heat, such as sunlight or heat treatment.
  • Transparency and invisibility on the car body
    Polyurethane film has a high level of transparency. Thus, the car's natural appearance is held after applying PPF. It does not distort the color of the car and is completely unnoticeable.

Prices for PPF wrapping

Full vehicle wrapping
from 5000 Gel
Hood, front bumper, front fenders, and pillars wrapping
from 2000 Gel
Panoramic roof wrapping
from1500 Gel
Headlights wrapping
from 350

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Book a visit
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Mon-Sun: 10.00 – 21.00